corporate events in Riga
corporate events in Riga corporate events in Riga

Accessories for your ultimate Riga bike rent experience

Free of charge locks & maps, SOS repair kits and wide selection of another cycling accessories like: child seats and trailers/strollers, bike bags and panniers, also waterproof Ortlieb, helmets, smartphone holders, rain ponchos, biking shorts, gloves etc.

In our bike shop you can also buy plenty of different bike gear and parts.

child trailer child trailer


Child Bike Trailer/stroller for 2 cool kids

Got small kids and want comfortably go around with bikes and stroll some sections by foot? It is possible with our premium level Hamax Outback child bicycle trailer/stroller with suspension and reclinable seat rests.

For towing bike we suggest to use an e-bicycle!

Rain Ponchos

Our new special bike rain ponchos make sense especially when you rent a bike for more than one day being safe against sudden rain showers.

No use no pay. Borrow from us a transparent bike ponchos and if not used return back. In case of usage we will sell you this poncho for only 3 EUR.

Rear rack basket for small dogs or a trailer for bigger buddy


Travelling with your dog and want to enjoy cycling?  Our rear carrier dog basket is perfect for this purpose and will allow you to be together with your 4 legged fiend also on a bike!

For medium and semi large breeds you can use our old child trailer with special cushioning.