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Electric scooters with big wheel – ride in comfort & safety

While with share scooters you struggle with cobble stones of Old Riga and not always the smoothest pavements our big wheel electric scooters offer you much comfortable and safer ride.

Our big wheel e scooter rent is responsible and we strongly suggest to use helmets. Wearable locks are also provided if you plan to visit a shop or museum during your ride.

Big wheel e – scooters are perfect for riding along waterfront at Jurmala beach. For long term rental (2+ days) we’ll deliver the e scooters to your address in Jurmala.




A day 8h 24h 1h 2h 4h +1h 1 week Safety deposit
18 EUR 25 EUR 8 EUR 10 EUR 15 EUR 3 EUR 125 EUR 70 EUR cash or CC authorisation

The best rated electric scooter and segway rent in Riga – our customer reviews speak for themselves

Our rental in Riga is a right place where you can hire a really good electric scooter, segways and to see all of Riga in a bit.

As one of the leading gear rental companies in Riga we have generated within years huge knowledge about industry, therefore our rental equipment has been carefully selected in order to meet all our quality requirements.

In order to have an enjoyable ride around the town you need to have tested and special ride,  which we possess.

segway rent riga segway rent riga

Prices Segway rental starts from 30 EUR.

Price ½ h Price 1h Price 2h Price 3h Price 4h
30 EUR 40 EUR 70 EUR n/a n/a